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Aug 16, 2009 11:15pm EDT
>>> this is geico sports extra. >>> greetings and welcome to geico sports extra. i'm dave feldman. seven years ago at the pga championship, tiger woods birdied the last four holes, coming up richer. this time, started the day with a two-stroke lead. we always knew he never lost a major when leading. but there was a change for history. tiger woods 14 and 0 when going into the final rundown leading. padraig harrington tying the rounds, one stroke back in the water. third shot from the drop zone, almost takes out stenson. and tiger woods missed early opportunities, misses a birdie putt, then he can't save par. two bogies, and then yang with a one-stroke lead over tiger. his approach is perfect. yang looking to become the first asian-born player to win a major. so tiger has to stick it close, 197 to the pen, but goes about 207 over the flag, into the rough. for the first time since 2004 tiger woods goes a calendar year without a major. ranked 110 in the word, now a major champion. yang the 2009 pga champion, and tiger woods a runner-up in the major for the sixth time. >> i played well
Aug 30, 2009 11:15pm EDT
. >>> this is geico sports extra >>> this is not a preseason -- [loud noises] >> go out here and do what we got to do! >>> . >>> now that is the way to start a show. hello everybody, dave ross with you for another exciting edition of geico sports extra. tiger tries to claim the field, nats nats try to avoid a sweep. but the red and gold, 75 players today, five guys sent packing, among them, hagan, park and fincher, so while some are no longer worried, 22 more cuts coming next saturday. one guy trying to make the team, mason, a touchdown friday night, but an injury, back at practice today. but with one preseason game left to go mason remains if i firmly on the bubble. >> it is always important the last preseason game for a young guy, everybody knows that is the most important game in the preseasonment i'm looking forward to it. >> marcus never played in an nfl football game, but been on three teams. he never played special games, on a real team. he is in position to play, that is a first step. >> one rookie making his mark, mitchell from nevada, second straight week brought in a t
Aug 2, 2009 11:15pm EDT
and wins t geico minutes of fame. and when we come back, a little more skins talk, who is in charge of keeping jason campbell upright? when we continue. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise where i fall backwards and you catch me. gecko: uh no sir, honestly... uh...i don't think...uh... boss: no, no. w can do this. gecko: oh dear. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.  connie loves target for its incredible deals. and with her daughter starting middle school tomorrow, connie's got some high expectations. she expects look 11 might be the one. she expects look 17 might bethe one. so she shops target. where they've alwaysot her back for back to school. target. expect more. pay less. . >>> this is geico sports extra. >>> welcome back, you don't have to be dr. phil to know it was a rocky off season for jason campbell. they tried to trade for cutler, and they ended up with cam
Aug 9, 2009 11:15pm EDT
security. backed by e highest possible ratings new rk life. the company you keep. . >>> this is geico sports extra. >>> yeah, yeah, yeah -- go skiing. >> stay calm, act medium. >> . >>> good evening everybody, welcome to another exciting edition of geico sports extra. i am dave ross, a show we have for you, nats, tiger woods going for career win numer 70. and a soccer giant comes to washington, d.c.. but we begin with the number one show in town, the washington redskins, and for very good reason because this time of year, everybody thinks their team will go to the super bowl. well, two teams will. but will the redskins be one of them? to quote the musical stylings of asia, only time will tell. jim zorn and jason campbe, sharing a smile at practice. he beginning the third straight season, big expectations for him this season. how about the rookie? well, brian there, number 98, expected to put the heat on opposing quarterbacks. while the coach doesn't want to talk bit, he degrees the fans have a great reason to be excited. >> they have a good reason to be excited. there is a lot of work
Aug 23, 2009 11:15pm EDT
start the show. welcome, everybody, to another rousing edition of geico sports xtra. dave ross here. what a show we have in store for you. the nats going for their first win in a week. we catch up with their prize pick steven straussburg. we begin by taking a look back at the redskins win over the pittsburgh steelers. yes, it's part of our job to scrutinize and break down what went well and what did not. when you do that with the redskins, it always leads to mob conjecture and -- to more conjecture. the debate wages as just how good this unit can be. first play from scrimmage, jason campbell going up top. he cannot connect with malcolm kelly. knocked away at the last instance. this is the way campbell's night went. santana moss is open. through his hands. you get the idea. campbell did connect with chris cooley right here. his only completion, just one of seven, only n yards. the first team offense just three points and three drives. jim zorn still optimistic. >> 1-7 and all that kind of stuff. again, i thought jason did a nice job getting us into the right play. he had several good
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5